The Toki Ponist on the Mountain - The Novel

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Like so many people, Joakim combats his inner demons. His latest strategy is uncovering a lost civilization based on a few peculiar words he has picked up in a language he will refer to as Toki Pona. To Joakim, the ancient wisdom of this civilization will set him free. But then he gets trapped in his search when a doctor surgically removes his demons. Now, with the help of a kindred spirit, Joakim finds out who has been sending him messages and what the actual monster is they both have to battle.

An interdimensional drama, The Toki Ponist on the Mountain is an eclectic read.


'The Toki Ponist on the Mountain' and the sequel 'Life on the Pods' have taken shape during the National November Writing Months (NaNoWriMo) of 2017, 2018 and 2019. At the end of these events the manuscript has gathered over 150,000 words.

The first novel explores:

  • the rise and downfall of civilizations
  • the role of language, imagination, and aphantasia
  • the end-all-be-all philosophy to rule them all

At the same time it pictures how a native civilization based on the artificial language toki pona might fit into a larger universe.

Stick around while the novel takes final shape.

Read for free

Until the novel is officially published, chapters that I deem more fit for the public eye can be read online. Eventually, it will be available as an illustrated e-book and audio book, and the full text will disappear here.

Read it now on Wattpad or click the pages below.

The Toki Ponist on the Mountain

Prologue open
Part 1: The Search nasin
Part 2: The Fight utala
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  • ...
Part 3: The Mountain ma nena suli
  • Arriving at the Pods
  • ...
Epilogue pini
  • Afterthought