Episode 0: Coming Home

Take a first visual and interactive dive into the universe of The Toki Ponist on the Mountain in this short puzzle adventure. Just try it out and make yourself at home! To succeed, you will learn a bit of Toki Pona language and get a few snippets of insight into the philosophy of a self-proclaimed guru.


  • 10-20 minutes of gameplay
  • monochrome hand drawn pencil visuals and animations
  • wield objects, operate machines and solve a simple puzzle
  • one seemingly ordinary location to explore that slowly takes a turn towards the odd
  • get in touch with The Toki Ponist philosophy and lost ways of thinking
  • take a small dive into learning the actual artificial minimalist language Toki Pona

Download and Play

Play the original first part for free here:

Play TTPotM game on

Also, don’t forget to explore the wisdom of The Toki Ponist here.

Now the time is ripe to release, step by step, pieces of the novel and new episodes of this game.

Episodes 1 to N

Each will tell a part of the tale of The Toki Ponist on the Mountain and the other characters in the universe. With each episode, the game engine will advance and my experience will grow, resulting in:

  • better and more elaborate (color!) drawings and animations
  • increasingly intricate and creative puzzles in more locations than before
  • a deeper dive into the philosophy of the Toki Ponist
  • a stronger grasp of Toki Pona language
  • hopefully better music, or at least something that can be called music

In the end, the game will not only be about following a storyline but will also serve as a testament to my growing experience and views on life.

Tenpo La…

‘tenpo la…’ is a small, sweet, and easy clicky-touchy puzzle game in several shades of grey and gray. It comprises 25 single-screen levels and a larger 3-screen Point & Click Adventure game level to keep you, your toddlers, and (pre)-schoolers off the streets for a bit.

I created this simple game during an Inktober-like challenge for myself. In October 2021, I turned a daily sketch on my Remarkable 2 into a small interactive level that my two-year-old girl and older sons can play alone or together on their tablet. Because I reserved only about 2 hours a day to work on both the sketch and coding of the level, the result is what it is. After October, I only removed a few bugs and added some of my own sounds and music to complete the peachy experience.

Download and Play

Play online for free.

Play Tenpo La game on