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Tools in Progress for writing and learning Toki Pona

Learn Toki Pona in a playful way and write your own sitelen sitelen.

September 2020

This site will never be your go-to resource for diving into the original artificially created language Toki Pona. For this you should peruse the many other communities online and consult the original pu (book for Toki Pona interaction) by Sonja Lang.

However, before this site came into fruition. I did create two fun tools that I don't want to leave out on this site. In the near future, I will integrate them into the The Toki Ponist on the Mountain universe and this out-of-character page will disappear.

First, we have sitelen sitelen renderer. This is an online tool to write your own sitelen sitelen, the Mayan-inspired non-linear writing system created by Jonathan Gabel. Of course, to use this tool you should at least know the Toki Pona words already.

sitelen sitelen renderer

Try the sitelen sitelen renderer here!

Second, I created a Duolingo-like learning experience for Toki Pona based on sentences found in the data, called ilo Nasintawatoki. This will teach you the most important words and expressions in Toki Pona right from the start, such as: mi lon e sina = 'I made you aware of reality'.

ilo Nasintawatoki

Try ilo Nasintawatoki here!