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September 2021


Working back from the diagrams written in egg yoke on ancient e-ink displays, the current date and time is given as:

| |


The current day shines as a dark ring on the analemma calendar. There are five seasons, consisting of 6 weeks with a dozen days each. Each seasons starts with a reset day zero. Leap years start with a double reset day or tenpo suno namako.

The year starts at the day of the summer solstice and meets the following five seasons or moods in turn:

  • o-taso-lon - the season of simply being
  • o-awen-kiwen - the season to brace yourself
  • o-awen-lon - the season to celebrate just surviving
  • o-sin-pona - the season of renewed hope
  • o-lon-pona - the season of joyful living

Week tasks

While in early references, there is no mention of naming weeks of days of the week, cross-referencing other sources has lead to the following interpretation. Each day of the week is themed to a home-bound focus. These are:

  • 0 - ala - reset day
  • 1 - kasi - care of indoor plants and garden
  • 2 - telo - care of water spaces such as bathrooms and kitchen sinks
  • 3 - lupa - care of doors, windows and their frames
  • 4 - lape - care of resting and sleeping spaces
  • 5 - supa - care of surfaces
  • 6 - anpa - care of floors
  • 7 - pipi - care of bugs and pests
  • 8 - weka - care of throwing away
  • 9 - insa - care of inner spaces such as fridges, drawers and cupboards
  • - moku - care of cooking and pantry
  • - len - care of clothing and curtains
  • 10 - ilo - care of appliances and machines (including car and bike)