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sina ken toki kepeken uta wan taso.

You can only speak with one mouth. — Toki Ponist Pu

July 2021

These are the words as recovered from the awoken well:
jan Tokimu li tawa kepeken tomo tawa ona.
ona li pakala e kasi pi jan Sipi.
ona li toki tawa jan Sipi e ni:
  • mi ken toki e seme la, jan li utala e mi!
  • jan Sipi li pilin e kasi kepeken olin.
    ona li toki e ni:
  • akesi Kulemu li ken ante li ken lukin e kule mute lon tenpo lili.
    ni li jo e uta wan taso.
    jan li lukin e akesi Kulemu kepeken pilin pona.
    taso, jan li kute ala e akesi Kulemu.

  • jan Tokimu toki e ni: a a a!
    jan Sipi toki e ni: ken la, sina wile kama akesi.
    Here follows a relaxed translation:

    Tokimu crashes his car into Tipi’s tree. He says to Tipi: “Whatever I say, people attack me!” Tipi hugs the tree with love. He replies: “A chameleon can change into many colors at once. But it has only one mouth. That is why people like to watch chameleons but seldom listen to them.” Tokimu laughs. Tipi says: Maybe you should become a reptile?

    Associative musings:

    We do only have one mouth, but many voices. Given enough time, you will utter with all of them. More often than not these utterances will contradict each other in some form or another. We also only have one set of ears, and think we have only one observer. If a listener only hears one voice, it will often contradict his own ideas and makes you vulnerable to attack. But you can’t compress more than one voice into one utterance.

    If a listener takes the time to listen to you for a long time, he will hear many voices and call you a hypocrite, because he only listens with one observer. There is notthing wrong with hpyocrites. Only when you understand that many voices and observers are present at the same time, can you have a good group conversation with one other person.

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