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lon lawa ala la, pilin anpa li ike lon kulupu.

Depression is not in your head, but a problem of and within society. — Toki Ponist Pu

July 2021

These are the words as recovered from the awoken well:
jan Jasike li tawa sewi lon nasin pi ma nena.
ona li tawa jan Sipi. ona li toki e kalama ike en jaki.
ona li toki e ni:
  • o pona e mi!
    o pilin pona e monsi mi!
  • jan Sipi li toki e ni: ala.
    jan Jasike li toki kin e ni:
  • o pona mi! mi pilin ike.
    pilin li pakala e mi.
  • jan Sipi li toki e ni: ala.
    jan Jasike li toki e ni poka pilin pakala:
  • mi ike. mi pakala.
  • jan Sipi li toki kin e ni: ala.
    jan Sipi li tu e linja lon monsi pi jan Jasike.
    tomo tawa pi jan kulupu mute li tawa anpa wawa.
    Here follows a relaxed translation:

    Jasike meets Tipi on the road up the hill. He wails and sobs. He implores Tipi: “Please help me, massage my back.” Tipi declines. Jasike tries again: “Heal me, I am sick. It hurts so much.” Tipi declines. Jasike despairs: “I am bad. I am broken.” Tipi declines once more. Then Tipi cuts loose the rope and the cart carrying half the village thunders down the hill.

    Associative musings:

    Being depressed is literally being pressed down. This suggests an external agent. While blaming others for your own misfortune is a common strategy. Depressed people tend to blame themselves. Whenever we have a tendency to something we are usually wrong. So it may be interesting to realize not all feelings of depression are a internal metal health problem or find its cause in third person objective things such as a chemical imbalance by some genetic defect. In all of this we forget the plural world. When we are made to feel down by others we are literally depressed and if our institutions are organized such that people are constantly made to feel down we have created a factory of depression.

    This means we don’t only have to deal with your own shadows but also those of others and society as a whole. We can open up to our own shadows but the ones in society are too strong to deal with since they can only become more open when you join forces. In a state of depression that might be too much to focus on, but when feeling on top of things, it is a worthy pursuit.

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