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nimi pi ijo wawa li pakala e wawa pi ijo ni.

Strong words destroy the strength of the object. — Toki Ponist Pu

July 2021

These are the words as recovered from the awoken well:
jan pi nimi “Boldugard von Oldfreude-Languizano IV” li pana e pana lupa tawa nena sinpin pi jan Sipi.
ona li toki e ni: toki pona li kepeken nimi mute ala tan seme?
jan Sipi li awen.
jan Potuka li toki e ni:
  • kin, pona, a.
    nimi “floccinaeguccinihilipilifjication” li nimi seme kepeken toki pona?

  • jan Sipi li lukin lon sewi.
    ona li toki e ni: mi toki e ni: o lukin!
    jan Potuka li toki e ni: tan seme?
    waso mute li jaki lon lawa pi jan Potuka.
    Here follows a relaxed translation:

    Boldugard von Oldfreude-Languizano IV kisses Tipi on the nose. She asks: “Why does toki pona have so few words?” Tipi shrugs. Boldugard continues: “Like, you know. How would you say floccinaeguccinihilipilifjication in toki pona?” Tipi looks up. Then he says: “I would say: watch-out!” Boldugard asks: “Why?” Three birds poop on Boldugards head.

    Associative musings:

    Words are like images in that they can convey the meaning of a thousand other words. Words don’t have an isolated meaning, even if a dictionary definition seems to counter that statement. Because those definitions use words that need their own definition. In addition, a word has a slightly different word embedding in each of our brains.

    Whereas an equation can summarize an entire theory in a concise way, a word summarizing a powerful concept acts more like a seed for tagging on shadows and lost luggage sucking the power out of the original source. Conversely, the piling of magic mushroom and energy drink hot air onto a word seed can blow up the power of a word in a direction that is unbefitting of the original source.

    Note that when a clever quote inspires you, you may be missing the point entirely.

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