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kala pona kin li tawa lon telo jaki pi kala ante.

Even good fish have to swim in the dirty water of others. — Toki Ponist Pu

July 2021

These are the words as recovered from the awoken well:
jan Sipi li lon telo anpa.
kala li tawa ona.
kala toki e jan Sipi: telo li seme?
jan Sipi li ken ala toki. ona li lon telo anpa.
jan Sipi li tawa sewi. ona li toki e ni: telo li lon ni.
kala li ken kute ala.
kala li lon telo anpa.
Here follows a relaxed translation:

Tipi is under water. A fish comes to him and asks: “What is water?” Tipi cannot talk. He is under water. He swims to the surface and says: “This is water.” The fish cannot hear him. It is under water.

Associative musings:

Oftentimes we think we are talking to each other and passing around similar nuggets of information. But since the chance of both people being on a similar level and state with an aligned perspective, the message will be lost or mangled. This poop fills the medium that surrounds us.

A single angelic voice can see its truthful notes converted into many small demonic pooplets. This is not something to get upset about even though it may be unsettling to see someone singing more and more angelic songs in order to produce an evergrowing cloud of floating feces. Take some rest and swim to a cleaner part of the ocean until the water clears up again.

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