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ni li jan ale li pona: jan li toki wan li pali ante.

Everyone is a hypocrite and that is fine. — Toki Ponist Pu

July 2021

These are the words as recovered from the awoken well:
jan Sonala lukin e soweli olin ona tawa jan Sipi.
ona li toki e ni: soweli mi li kama e waso.
jan Sipi li lukin e soweli li toki e ni: tan seme?
jan Sonala li toki e ni:
  • soweli li mu waso li mu soweli ala. tenpo ni la, soweli li ken tawa lon kon?
  • jan Sipi toki e ni: ken!
    jan Sonala li weka e soweli tan ma sewi.
    soweli li tawa weka lon kon.
    Here follows a relaxed translation:

    Sonala shows Tipi her pet dog and says: “My dog has become a bird.” Tipi inspects the animal and asks: “Why?” Sonala says: “It says chirp instead of woof. Would it fly now?” Tipi says: “Yes!” Sonala drops the dog from a height. It flies away.

    Associative musings:

    A lot of time is spent by uncovering others as being a hypocrite. Especially those who are stamped as role models. It is hard to put one label of good or bad on a person, especially when talk and acts seem to misalign. Safest feels to put a label of bad on the person. Wisest is maybe to not do anything of the sort. Perhaps hypocrisy is fun and inevitable. Because talk is about concepts and doing is about expressing what something is. Although some people even manage to turn this on its head. At any rate, if you must judge, judge the talk on what its ideas cause and judge acts on what it acts on, and separate all motives.

    There is only one test for malicious hypocrites. They become angry when you call them a hypocrite.

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