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taso telo awen li ken lukin pona sama sike sewi.
taso telo ali li sama sike sewi.

Only still water reflects the heavens perfectly. But all water reflects the heavens. — Toki Ponist Pu

July 2021

These are the words as recovered from the awoken well:
jan Pokilon li kama tawa jan Sipi poka len namako. ona li toki:
  • mi moku e moku pona namako taso.
    mi lukin e sitelen tawa pona taso.
    mi lukin e lipu sewi taso.
  • jan Sipi li awen. jan Pokilon li lili e oko ona. ona li toka e ni:
  • taso sina li jan lawa pona pona tawa mi?
  • jan Sipi li toki e ni: sina pali kin e ko jaki.
    jan Pokilon li pakala e sinpin lawa ona.
    ona li toki e ni: sina li jan pona pona ala kin. jan Sipi li toki e ni:
  • sina wile lukin e jan pona pona la, sina wile lukin e sitelen sina lon telo.
  • jan Pokilon li tawa telo.
    tenpo poka la, jan Sipi weka e kiwen lon telo.
    Here follows a relaxed translation:

    Pokilon appears in the finest clothings to Tipi. He says: “I only eat the tastiest food. I only watch the most exquisite movies and read only the holiest books.” Tipi nods. Pokilon squints his eyes to Tipi and asks: “But are you the best guru to lead me?” Tipi retorts: “And yet you still produce poop.” Pokilon’s face contorts: “You are not a great man at all!” Tipi says: “Do you want to see a great man? Look into the water.” Just before Pokilon can see his reflection, Tipi throws a stone into the water.

    Associative musings:

    Beauty is an important aspect of reality. It is the subjective enjoyment of an objective matter. But if you surround yourself too much with what you deem is beautiful, all else will become ugly. And more interestingly, all else becomes unacceptable. Those who consider beauty important surround themselves with mirrors. But forget not, that not only the shiny surfaces that show your gross body are mirrors, everything is a mirror of bits of your self.

    Turning something away for being unappealing is like muddling the water so you cannot see your own reflection, with the extra disadvantage that you are probably packing an extra load in your shadow backpack of life.

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